Monday, February 13, 2006

American Medicare in Dire Straits!

It comes to something when not even the doddering old neo-fascist Dick Cheney, Vice President of the US can get decent medical care in his own country. His Myopia and senility is at such a stage that he can't tell the difference between a 200lb Texan and a game bird anymore.

The signs of Dick 'if it ain't white it don't matter' Cheney's trouble with the health service have been apparent for many years though most noticeably over the last 5 or 6. A key moment was when he mistook a photo of a small Citroen 2CV in the middle of French Polynesia for a 16 acre nuclear and biological weapons development facility in the heart of Iraq. This error was compounded by his friend and colleague Donald "keep 'em scared so they don't notice we are bending them over and using them as our personal gimps" Rumsfeld suggesting that the 'Alliance of the Willing' was the 'Mother of all Alliances. In reality of course, an Alliance that relies on such mighty nations as Luxembourg and Yemen could not, in fairness, be called 'The Mother of All Alliances'. Well, unless the major part of that Mother figure was threatening to cut off all aid to the littler parts unless it did exactly as it was told when it was told to do it.

So this is an appeal people, clearly the state of the Health service stateside is in a worse condition than we thought, donate your cash now so that Dick can learn the difference between a redneck and a chicken! Help stop this madness now before another rich, fat republican neo-conservative gets shot........actually hang on.......

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lunaliar said...

For the record, Harry Wittington, Dick Cheney's victim, was not a redneck. He was a lawyer. So that equivocates him to the scum clinging to the boot scrape from the bottom of a redneck's boots once they get back from tending the pasture.

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