Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who Knew?

So the Operations manager came up to me just before I went home for work last night and says 'Your name came up in the management meeting today...'. Christ! They're going to tell me that writing blogs and online shopping isn't chargeable work!

Or maybe it's worse, maybe he is going to move me to a Marketing role. God no! I'd have to check my soul at the door and have myself frisked in case I am carrying any discernable talents or abilities beyond opening my mouth and spewing forth bile and garbage.
I couldn't have broken anything major, I've only been here three months. Then again, maybe my suggestion to install Unreal Tournament across the Live system wasn't taken as the forward thinking morale booster that was intended.

It's entirely possible that my suggestion of a bi-weekly lager fuelled curry-fest, paid for by the project, was seen as uneccessary maybe even extravagent. I should probably have mentioned that said Fest was only intended for me and so wouldn't really cost the project that much.

Maybe I'm getting promoted? Ok now we're into crazy talk.

All of the above thoughts and more flew through my head after his ominous opening line, but none were the reason for it. Turns out, as the biggest gobshite in the office, I have been nominated to do the project quiz at our next meal. Being caught off guard and running several disasterous scenarios through my mind I immediately blurted 'Sure, OK! blahblahblah.....'.

These management types are wily devils, I'll have to be more careful in the future.

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