Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend and Doughnut-opia updates!

Ok, Dough-nutopia 2005 gets into full swing this afternoon, watch this space for updates and pictures! It's promising to be a funfest that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

The doughnuts have been arriving thick and fast and the doughnut display stand situated at the area designated 'Red Leaders desk, hahahaha!' is almost complete.

Pictures from the weekends festivities in Crewe will be on their way soon too. I will probably try and set up an account with Flickr though as Blogs where it's just a massive scroll-down of pictures are really annoying. It's mostly pictures of drinks and me pulling funny faces, but I've never been afraid to humiliate myself. Had a fantastic time, was great to go out on a session with Jon and Pedr again, we haven't been out together properly in about 2 years so was a great reunion despite the circumstances.

Anyway, this was just a brief note, more later.

***** IMPORTANT NOTE!: Should any of you wish to hold your own doughnut-based events, please send me doughnut related photo's to . I have been called cruel by some. I'll stop them when they are wrong.

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