Friday, October 07, 2005

We now return to our regular programming..

Everyone needs to let Mr Hyde out once in a while, give a boy a break - yesterdays rant was necessary to prevent a very messy spontaneous combustion.

So I'm off to Crewe this evening to see JonnyJonny Shaw. Have had a worrying report from Pedr that he may not be able to attend tomorrow evenings festivities and curry baptism but he is striving to overcome his transport problems. Our prayers are with him and we hope he overcomes this devilish ploy to keep him from purifying his pallet.

I'm feeling a little ropey today thanks entirely, in my opinion, to the Red Leader clone that continues to spread his insidious infection about the office. I can only hope that the real Red Leader breaks free and defeats this evil clone before his return in a few weeks.

We've been taunting him this week which is always fun. He keeps trying to get us to bring Doughnuts into work for the 'Team'. So we decided to bow to management pressure and launch the two week extravaganza that is 'Doughnut-opia 2005!'. This event will run from Monday the 10th October through to Friday 21st October and will be a veritable Doughnut-a-palooza! On the Agenda are:

Stacking Doughnuts on Andrews desk
Doughnut gourging
Doughnut Photo ops
Andrews lack of Doughnuts Gloating competition

And much much more! Keep 'em peeled for Doughnut-opia Photos, it'll be something to tell the kids about.

Sadly Red Leader Andrew won't be available for the event, as he unwisely booked his annual leave to coincide with it, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the sugar and frosting we leave as a memento all over his keyboards.

*BREAKING NEWS* The Evil Red Leader clone has attempted to ban Doughnut-opia 2005, a further indication of his loyalty to 'The Man'. We were going to give him a photo of the festivities too, but it appears our kind offer isn't good enough. This official memorandum was recieved by the event organisers from the Clone:

"(Please note Doughnut-Fest, Doughnut-Stock or any other Doughnut related amenity is hereby banned in my absence)."

Well, 'The Man', you will never crush the indomnitable spirit of Doughnut-opia you hear? Never!


Paddy Duncan said...

Alright matt, I was just wondering whether you were coming up to the metropolis known as Hull for the Drama Haloween Party

Olivia said...

I'd love to get doughnuts, but jugdging by the rest of your blog, it's time for my annual flu shot!

MattJ said...

Paddster - I will be there, The Rah has already informed me what I am Wearing. I hear and Obey.

Don't worry Olivia, it is deadly Man Flu, therefore you will excape relatively unscathed. So where ever you are today, jkoin in the spirit of Doghnut-opia 2005! Feel free to submit photos of Doughnut-realted activities to my emial address for publishing on the blog :D

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