Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tuesday/Wednesday - Close enough

Ok so it's not been the Blogfest I promised and there are no pictures yet. For those of you that actually care, I'm sorry - really! And for Maria I am especially sorry because for reasons best known to herself she finds me entertaining.

Talking of Maria, I'm really pleased we are back in touch, she's the only person other than Tom I am in touch with from my first year at University and we always got on. For those of you that don't know the story, Maria was over from Miami on a year in Hull and she was seeing a guy from New York State that I lived with in my first year, he was doing music or some such. Anyway, in a blatant attempt at getting closer to the windswept and interesting Welshman who lived at 50 Auckland she decided to go out with the American.
I mean ladies, help me out here. What would you prefer? An ascerbic, skinny, bespectacled computer geek with a complexion that makes milk look tanned or some boring muscley musician with dark wavey hair and olive skin?

Exactly. Welshman every time right?*

Anyway. We get on. Well, she laughs at my jokes which is pretty much all I ask for. That and don't be a git. I am such a simple creature

Ok so the weekend was pretty awesome. Had a few drinks on Friday and saw some people I hadn't seen in a while. Saturday me and The Rah got wasted in a fantastic bar called The Lamp (if you're ever in Hull), Kirsty joined us at 10 after she finished work and managed a sterling effort at putting a few away too so 'Go Kirsty'! lol! Was really good night where we managed to put all things that were wrong with the world right, though did kin of suck that Emi couldn't make it due to a prior 'Non-Matt' (if you can believe the cheeky sod has a life beyond me!) related engagement.

Sunday was a bit of a flopping around the house day, I met up with my old housemates for a pint but felt a bit guilty because I kept bumping into people I hadn't seen for ages. Good luck with the job by the way Rich! Then in the evening just sat in front of the TV which I haven't done in ages. In fact I only do it when I go and visit the guys in Hull!

That's pretty much it, I went up, saw the people I wanted to see and came back here. It's really quite bad, I love going back there but it makes living here that tiny bit harder because there is always that part of you that would rather be somewhere else. Anyway, I was ordered to make this 'Funny and Interesting' rather than 'whining like a little bitch with a skinned knee'.

That is a tall order though as this is the end of the post. I have loads to put up, still about the weekend in Crewe but still haven't sorted the Flicr account because I am fairly lame.....errrrm...... busy, fairly busy! I want the pictures and the post up at the same time, so patience people. Christ, I'm actually starting to convince myself you care! lol! So watch this space and normal service will now be resumed, your break is over, kindly return to your seats.

Think I'll keep doing this quote thing too (until I get bored) some are mine, some are nicked. This one is nicked but I can't remember where read it I just remember laughing a lot:

" When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car"

*Carefully crafted Delusion - FRAGILE - Handle with care


MJ said...

My love…that is life, the worse part is that no matter where you are and how much you like that place, there is always a part of you that would like to be somewhere else…. And it gets worse every time you move because it just adds places in your list you think you would rather be…. Every time I go to Colombia it is really hard to come back, I still miss Hull with all my heart, and right now moving away from Miami is constantly in my mind, and probably will happen within a year, but I get sad when I think about all that I will leave here…..So….what is the point??? Make the best of your current situation, enjoy your little Doughnut-opias and boring nights out, cause eventually that is what you will miss the most…. I miss 50 Auckland a lot!!! Specially watching you and Mike fight about what to watch on TV...and remember...LONG LIVE MARIA

Famulus said...

Love the Grandfather quote. Gonna have to add that to my list of quotes.

I'll do you an exchange.

The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts the moment you get up and doesn’t stop until you get into the office.

Oh yeah, blog interesting too. Honest. ;-)

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