Tuesday, October 04, 2005

'There you go, four candles'.

'Nah mate! I want Fork 'Andles, 'andles for Forks!'

Another Legend Gone.


Mike asked a good question earlier. How is it we live in a world where Ronnie Barker is taken from us and yet we are left with Roy Chubby Brown and Jim Davidson.

And people claim there is a God.

I've commented on someone elses blog about what I consider to be awful comedy from the British 80s, namely things like the Benny Hill show and Are you being Served?. That's not to say that Benny Hill wasn't sometimes hilarious, I just always found it to be when not on his TV show. The same can be said of Kenny Everett, very funny off the show.

I was never a massive fan of the Two Ronnies, but there were some sketches had you crying in laughter. Ronnie Barker was brilliant with words and the Four Candles Sketch is right up there with the Peter Cook 'One legged Tarzan' at cracking me up every time I hear it. For me, though, it was his comedy acting and writing that was Ronnie Barker's best gift. Open All Hours and Porridge still make me laugh today and that's what makes good comedy, the ability to appeal across generations. That's why I don't laugh at Benny Hill show or the Kenny Everett show or Are You Being Served? It's very much comedy of it's age but just seems crude and clumsy to me now.

I think one of the things that is most admirable about the man is that at the height of his success he retired from show business to spend time with his family. He could have been on our screens for years more but he had priorities and principles. It is true that he started the 2 Ronnies again 17 years after retiring but it was pretty much re-runs of classics and if anyone deserved a Swan Song it is Ronnie Barker, I only hope my mind is as sharp, witty and just generally awesome at the age he reached.

Now I am going to wait in eagre anticipation for the Barker-fest that will ensue now he has sadly departed. Anyway, bit morbid sorry but I grew up on this stuff and everyone should watch at least one episode of Porridge or Open All Hours in their lives so they can understand what I am on about.

R-R-R-R-R-Rest In P-P-P-P-Peace Ronnie.


Cubicle said...

Thanks for the comment, Matt! I was just in England this summer--I did the coast to coast! And yes, Troll 2 is fantastic. And yes, obviously the secret option is to pee all over the food--don't you think some got on their faces?

You can email us at cubicleimprov@yahoo.com. Our website, www.cubicleimprov.com is in the process of being updated and soon we'll have songs AND video on there and then you can see Cubicle, if only just a little bit...


ps-nice word verification...

MattJ said...

Awesome. think I might start to build a global community of Troll 2 fans......

Famulus said...

WTF is Troll 2?

Mike said...

Troll 2 is a veritable Ambrosia in the otherwise bland genre of Troll-related films with no trolls in them. The acting is of a calibre never before seen on the silver screen, usually because most films have a budget with which to pay professionals called "actors" that take care of such duties. Still, Ben Affleck could learn a thing or two from repeated viewing of this cinematic gem.

The special effects were revolutionary for their time; whereas many movies now used CGI to generate their big shocks, Troll 2 took a more prehistoric approach that left critics and enthusiasts dumbfounded. No-one could have believed that it was possible to have ignored all the advances made in the last fifty years of film-mkaing, but Troll 2 proved all these people wrong by single-mindedly focusing on making some of the worst effects ever committed to film. See the burning Troll (goblin)! See the flame-resistant gloves and suit he is wearing barely concealed beneath the flames! Witness the transformation undergone by humans into plants! Seamless!!

And of course there is the "secret option" the child uses to spoil the food. If you ever see a friend tempted by food they should not eat, for example, a Korma, you know what to do to prevent them from eating it. Throw it away? Hide it? Chuck it on the floor? NO! Stand on a chair and take a whizz over the offending comestible, that's the answer!

If you haven't watched this film, you really should. It still won't make watching Pearl Harbour or Titanic any less painful, but then if you watch those you're just asking for trouble.

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