Saturday, October 01, 2005

Of course I will work Saturday morning...........

Four years of University and yet I appear to have the brain power of a reporter for the Sun. 'Yeah, I'll come in for the CAP change on Saturday, no worries'.

I was out last night, in a fairly big way, for a few colleagues birthdays. RoboMat allegedly did attend Matt Stock 28 (his birthday) but took a detour to a different venue and we didn't see him all night. The Niemesh party was where all the cool kids were at anyway (no diggidy, no doubt), although I'm pretty sure I spent half the night hitting on one of his good friends. Anyway, long story short, I got completely trashed. I got to bed around half 3. I got up about 7. You see where the prboblem is? yeah. I'm battered.

So now I've come into work to do some stuff only to find out that we don't have what we need to do it because some lazy arse in Nottingham hasn't sent it yet. I have a theory as to why. I found out last month that Hooters* have their only UK restaurant in Nottingham. Now the guys who are meant to be sending the files are financial guys. In fact they are financial techies, which in the order of Geekness is pretty much as geeky as it is possible to be without plastic sandles and a thermos. I'm guessing they had a 'Business Dinner' and had some kind of aneurysm at the sight of a real and attractive woman. May be I'm being harsh but in case you missed it earlier, I came to work at 8 am after 3 and a bit hours sleep to do this stuff and these fuckers can't even perform the most arbitrary of tasks. I am not a happy bunny. In terms of how unhappy a bunny I am let's just say it involves pie and seasonal vegetables.

So I am going to wait here with my colleague who has also dragged his arse in on his day off until these pituary retards do what they should have done last night. Then I am going to go home and catch up on some sleep, then I will get up and the only thing that will make me leave my flat before Monday is the curry I am picking up later. Then all will be well again.

Of course this rant could have been avoided if I'd had even the most miniscule level of intelligence and forethought and not volunteered to work on a pissing Saturday morning. Idiot.

*I have no idea how they got away with opening a restaurant where the dress code is hot pants and you aren't allowed to work there if you are Ugly. Unless you are a manager of course, then you have to be spherical, sweaty and ,of course, Male. It's bizarre that this chain originated and thrives in country that preaches equality almost like a mantra.

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