Thursday, October 27, 2005

Man Genes

I've never been much for DIY, I've always been very comfortable with my abject incompetence at manual labour. Why then have I begun to only order things that require construction? And how is it that I am putting them together competently, even though the instructions 'Recommend' two people?

The only solution is that my natural Man DIY Genes, previously dormant are awakening as I approach an age where I should, by rights, have a garden shed and 'jobs around the house' at weekends. All things considered, this is no bad thing, and my imminently arriving PC bits will test my ability with things electrical. Should that go well, I may start building things more and may even buy a power tool of some description so I can make the prerequisite noise that precedes the production of any worthwhile Masterpiece.

As I will be blogging much of the PC construction, I've been given an idea to make it more entertaining for you. I'll hopefully be recruiting some help for the construction process, pictures of the team and their efforts will be published as my shiny new toy is constructed. As soon as I find out where the idea came from, I will credit it to them I promise!

Moving on. My Mother is insisting on paying me for the PC I'll be giving her. She isn't buying the Christmas present line, nor is she swallowing the 'What ever you give me I will spend on your Christmas present' manoeuvre. She's a lovely woman but a pain the arse sometimes! I mean, yes I could keep the thing and tinker with it. Yes, I could use it for a whole host of Geek related activities that would put you to sleep the second I opened with 'What I could do is........'. The point, though, is that she wants a computer to potter around on and I will soon have one going spare (With a few bits missing that I will be cannibilising for the new machine).

So. I have a plan. First, I will lie about said computers relative worth. Second, the funds will be cunningly funneled back to the unsuspecting parent via a series of deceptively priced gifts. That'll teach her!
I'm also in negotiations about cooking Christmas dinner this year, though this breaks with the norm as me, my Dad and the Brother traditionally spend early afternoon getting wrecked in the local pubs. We went through something similar last year but I'm not sure what happened. It may have had something to do with me wanting to cook something other than Turkey but because my dad is a picky git it all went a bit on the back burner. Personally I think she just trys to overcomplicate things so I give up and she ends up cooking anyway, that way she can have a her traditional 'woe is me' monologue, but we'll play the game again this year and see how it goes.

I know how early it is, but you don't know my mother. You need to lay seige fairly early on in order to increase the chances of success.

Got provisional plans for a Camden trip a week on Saturday with the Gnome from Home (Sam), bit of shopping followed by Square Pie! woohoo!


MJ said...

It may be that she doens't want to eat chilli or currie for christmas... don't you think?

MattJ said...

Quiet at the back

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