Monday, October 24, 2005

It's WHO you ask not WHAT you ask...

I have been debating about whether to hammer my credit card and get this new PC I priced up at the weekend and was condidering leaving it a bit longer before buying. I then asked my colleagues at work whether they think I should by this pretty sweet piece of kit. Now this may have been an unwise move on my part or a cunning plan by my unconscious mind designed to validate the purchase of the computer.

You see, as I'm sure I've mentioned on many an occasion, I work for an IT firm. So when you ask the question 'should I buy this shiny new computer?' of your colleagues, they tend to look at you as if you've said 'Shall I breathe today?'. So, I'm pretty sure I'll get it. With such persuasive arguments as 'It's got two graphics cards! Joined up! How cool is that? how can you not buy it?!' and 'You NEED a new computer Matt! yours is crap!', my point of 'but it's not my money' just pales in comparison.

Having said all this, the man from the shop hasn't called back and I've left 2 messages, I may decide to take this as a sign that the purchase is a bad idea. Tell you what, I'll open it up. Should I buy a big shiny new computer? Cast your votes folks, your decision stands! (for now anyway ;-P).

I've been told by a couple of people that despite my best efforts parts of my Surreyfication post sound totally self deprecating and miserable, this wasnn't the intent. I was trying to illustrate the farcical course of my love life in as entertaining a way as I could, but apparently I just come across as a bit whingey, so apologies for that people. I could edit it but once again in the interests of continuity and attempting to display character I will leave the offending post as it is.

Maybe next time I'll tell the story via the gift of interpretive dance.

Here's one of my favourite sayings of all time, though I am pretty sure I am the only one who finds it funny. To be fair saying it to your boss may not be the wisest move.

"Look, to your untrained eye it may very well look like I'm doing nothing. I can assure you, however, that on a cellular level I am a hive of activity."


Olivia said...

If we sensibly tell you not to buy it, you will probably buy it.
If we encourage you to hammer your credit card, you probably will.

These things you just have to get out of your system. Either by indulging it or letting it fade.

I was no help, was I?

MattJ said...

There have been developments. I will probably be ordering on line if at all now as I have discovered I can get a slightly more pwerfuil system with a freeview tuner for a mere extra 20 pounds. Still no decision.

In a word, no. lol!

MJ said...

I say go for it!!!!!
Why? Because you deserve it....yes, there will be monetary issues, however, it is worth it....and that is what credit cards are for.... so if you think you can buy yourself some true all means

Famulus said...

No, don't do it! Why? No idea. Seemed like fun to say so. ;-)

Oh, er, I'd get jealous too.

lunaliar said...

Trust me. You're not the only one who thinks that quote is dreadfully hilarious!

lower said...

Don't buy a new PC; the one you've got is fine, really.

I mean... WTF would you want two graphics cards? They're just an expensive way to heat a room in my opinion.

There: an IT guy who didn't just tell you to buy a new PC. :)

MattJ said...

Sorry Rich, you are inelligible for voting because you are clearly insane/jealous/curmudgeony (delete as applicable)

lower said...

Ok fine whatever - you're more than old enough to make your own mistakes. I'll be sure to visit you in a few months time to let you know 'I told you so'.

MattJ said...

Curmudgeony it is! ;-p

Why do i need 2 Graphics cards? Oblivion my friend, Oblivion.

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