Monday, October 10, 2005

Doughnuts for the 21st century

We've had the old, now it's time for the Hip and happening doughnut for the discerning but 'kewl' kid around town. Niemesh dives straight for the Crushed Smarties and Icing style Doughnut, knowing that this is the Doughnut preferred by the 'G-Folk on the West-Siyeed!'

And look at that. Beautifully executed demolition of the wonderful confection. Relishing every moment but at the same time apprectiating the sublime beauty of the article. It's a good thing to see this seasoned Doughnut-Muncher has lost none of his skill when it comes to devouring sweets. Still strong in the Game, Niemesh is a proud supporter of Doughnut-opia 2005.

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