Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Big Smoke

I had a good day yesterday, maximum moochage was achieved and I still managed to get something productive done too. I rock.

So I got up and cleaned the pit so it now actually looks like a habitable bedroom, which is never a bad thing. Then, after shower etc., I wandered off to the train station and bought a bargainous Travel Card at a mere six pounds something (with my discount card of course!)and off I went to London for a bit of a shop.

Train journey was a little interminable but I didn't care. You know how it is when you start the day pretty early and you know that there is absolutely nothing that you have to do, so the things you have decided to do are pretty much doable in whatever order and in whatever time frame you choose? How often does that happen in a day? I mean think about it, most days you kind of have to be somewhere at a specific time at some point in the day, if only for five minutes. Anyway, that's what it was like yesterday.

So I went to the computer fairs at UCL and some other nearby place. Has to be said, they sucked ass. I mean the last fair I went to was a few years ago in North Wales but they were vastly superior to this lot of rogues. Big pile 'o crap goddammit!

Luckily another blogger told be that the Tottenham Court Road was a good place for PCs and the like (thanks Olivia) so I mooched off up that way. I wrote a whole bunch about the shops here then realised it was intensely dull. Long story short, found a place with really good staff who offered me a good deal. Soon as I sort out transporting the shiny bits to my flat so I can build it I will probably order.
So thats the PC bit sorted (nearly), if I decide to go for it now anyway. After the geeky part of the shopping trip I headed off to Camden Town, which I have to say right away is possibly the coolest place on Earth.

Although they are taking the eighties come back a little far for my liking. I'm sorry but 'Dexies Midnight Runners' wasn't a good look then and it's not a good look now. Go home and change you goddamned freaks.

Anyway, first thing I did while shopping exclusively for one item was buy something for someone else. I know, I'm a bloody danger! It had to be bought though, they may as well have put it out with a sign saying 'Reserved for Miss Hannah Weston' on it, it's that appropriate. So, yeah, you owe me a pint. Obviously further present buying ensued because I am weak.

After that I remembered seeing a pub that had a sign saying 'We sell Square Pies!', which I thought was fantastic and worth a visit on that basis alone. It was a really nice pub actually. I often object to 'Bars' you see becuase I think they are a bit clean and pretentious sometimes. This was a really good pub with good music and a nice atmosphere for a Saturday afternoon. It's called The Lock Tavern by the way, I imagine it's famous or something and I'm just being dimwitted.

Anyway I settled down with my extortionately priced Guiness and copy of the Independent and went about my business, then I decided I would enquire after the aforementioned 'Square Pies'. To be fair I think I was most interested in what precious metals they were made of to justify the £7.50 price tag at this point, but also the strangeness intrigued me. I mean, pies are round, well known fact. This talk of Square Pies is madness. I'm old. I fear change.

I carried out research when I got home it appears that these are the perpetrators of the pie revolution. That looks like some damned good pie. Think I may bow to market forces next time I go to Camden and have me some Square Pie. Viv la Revolution! Watch this space for the Pie report.

Pie is a great word.

Anyway, off to see Wallace and Grommit in a little while so I will love you and leave you. I'll also leave you with this quote, courtesy of Queen Emi:

"Whats the point of wearing your lucky rocket ship pants all day if no one asks to see them?" (Calvin & Hobbbes)


Paddy Duncan said...

Yes, Camden Town is a very cool place. I would like to pretend that I'm down with the kids and go there all the time to chew the fat with the local cockneys but that would be a lie. Looking forward to seeing you at the halloween party.

Olivia said...

I knew you'd get into trouble on Tott Ct Rd. Well done!

Also glad you liked Camden. Addictive isn't it? You can find anything for quarter of the price in stores.
(ex. a hair deco my friend bought at the market for 89p v. the same thing for £6.00 at Top Shop!)

MattJ said...

See you Saturday Paddy, bizarrely the party is why I went to Camden in the first place!

I'll certainly be heading back Camden way some time very soon olivia though my bank manager will attampt to stun me into unconciousness first!

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