Thursday, October 06, 2005

Autumn looks good Tony.............

Well the 'rat-a-tat-tat' of little drummer boys sounds in the distance and soon the pounding drums of righteous indignation will be heard and then we will plow into Iran on an even flimsier context than we used to nick Iraq.

It's a bomb!

He said evidence led either to Iran or its Lebanese militant allies Hezbollah, although "we can't be sure of this".

So why say it Tony? If you don't know, keep your warmongering mouth shut until you do! The only reason for having this splashed over the Pravda-like Tabloid press over here is to create further ill feeling towrds another possible target.

For those of you who are hard of thinking, allow me to summarise. This article is basically the UK government saying 'We found some bombs in Iraq, Iran used bombs once - draw your own conclusions!'.
Christ it makes me sick it really does. We're buying it too, we sit around slagging off Americans for listening to and believing the bile and garbage spouted by Fox. We laugh at colour coded 'Terror Alert' charts and insanely 'Duck and Cover' style advice pamphlets about how to survive a Terror Attack (turn the light on and check the wardrobe?), but are we any better?

Here's the thing. People are buying millions of copies of The Sun, The Daily Mail (Middle England's Mein Kampf) and the Daily Express (owned by Britains richest pornographer) every day.

Now I'd love to believe it's because of a toilet paper shortage,I really would, but it's not. It's because they like to be told what to think so they get these partisan rags written by barely literate chimps in the case of the red tops and eloquent bigots in the case of the others. Incidentally, Daily Mail Readers. It is a tabloid. I know you think it's a broadsheet for people with short arms - but it's not.

The amount of crap you hear about how every Asylum seeker and illegal immigrant in the world moved to Britain in one day and will be the cause of economic downfall and every crime since the Great train Robbery. Or that it's someone else's fault that our native industries are all outsourced elsewhere (I believe it's France who's fault it is this week), or any of the other barely supported 'news' that makes it into print. Crap. If any of our politicians had any balls they would say so too. But it's much easier to feed the flames and get the public in to a frenzy about something other than their own ineptitude and weakness.

I mean Michael Howard, the son of a pair of Romanian immigrants, spouting such vitriolic filth about the need to 'cap' the amount of immigrants coming in to this country? You can't just cap it! OK, have border control but you can't have night club style immigration policies! 'Clubs full, you can't come in!'

Actually scratch that. I like the Marcus Brigstock version of the Nightclub immigrarion policy. Specifically it's a 'One in, one out' system. For every genuine, terrified and abused asylum seeker we accept into this country, we send one Daily Expresss reader from Dover off to Zimbabwe and give them a farm.

This has been an ill-thought out rant but I read the blog of DrivingMissDallas and it occurred to me that I really am annoyed about this stuff and I've just done a brain dump onto this entry.

To close, back to the original point. I successfully predicted the date of the last invasion to within two weeks. So my prediction for the assault on Tehran? Well, they need to extricate themseves from Iraq, then make sure Iran have no real capability to fight back effectively, few months to concoct some almost feasible excuse...... I'll go for either this time next year, or possibly Feb/March of 2007.

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