Friday, October 14, 2005

Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

Ok, I could pretend I have been making you wait in eagre anticipation of the next exciting installment in my blog, but that just isn't true. I've been a lazy arse and also quite busy at work, which has prevented me from indulging in my primary activity of blogging.

So I still have plenty of Doughnut-opia photos to upload, also have some pics from the night in Crewe to go up. I'm tempted to get some webspace just so I can upload the video of Jon dancing in his front room. It's absolute genius that I think should be shared with the world though not entirely sure he would thank me for it. There is also some footage of me interrogating one of his cats. He looks very guilty.

I am going to Hull this afternoon to visit Emi, The Rah and Kirsty - Huzzah! Haven't seen them for what seems like ages but has only been a month. Though I did spend most days round their house when in my final year so that is actually quite a long time. Unfortunately my old housemate Jon 'Smells of Onion and Garlic Frenchman' Gibbins is off to Sheffield so will once again miss him! damn his eyes! I'll get in touch with one of my other old housemates later today to see if he fancies meeting up with me and The Rah tomorrow for some light libation. That's you Lowe, we need words about your blasphemous comments.

Even though it is only one person who sends me chastising mails if I don't post every hour on the hour, I've fooled myself into thinking you are all equally as Matt-obsessed as Maria. So I promise that on Tuesday, when I get back to Surrey I will be blogtastic!

Should have some good stuff from the weekend too. I'll even sort out a Flikr account!

I have quite a lot to get through before I leave at lunchtime so I better go off and do it or I will get into trouble.

Current favorite line: "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving really isn't for you".


lunaliar said...

Love that ending note... :)

MJ said...

sorry for being matt obsessed... I promise from now on i will find a new distraction

MJ said...

By the way.... I think you are mistaken...the man flu was named by men to make us think that there was a disease that made you whine like babies and women wouldn't get it...but it is not true... I think the man flu is actually pretty contagious amongst the female population and there is a pandemic that is causing severe health problems in men and women alike. I actually think your friend Emi was suffering from it and it was very insensitive of you to say that it couldn’t be, considering you dedicated a few blogg entries to your debilitating condition a few weeks ago….so Mr. Jones…be more compassionate. The fact that you men are weaker and complain more doesn’t mean that we do not suffer as much as you do…..
And yes, I thin I have the man
Flu and has been making my life miserable since last week….

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