Thursday, August 18, 2005

Virus Alert......

Ok. I work for an IT firm. A fairly major one, and don't get me wrong we are very good at what we do. Unfortunately, like any large organsiation things slip through the cracks. Looking at our intranet today we were treated with a big important message which said 'VIRUS ALERT! DO NOT IGNORE......'. Dutifully, we did not ignore and clicked the link for further information on this undoubtedly dangerous infection
there is a virus in circulation, make sure your virus software is up to date. Was pretty much the message. Well, thanks for that - appreciated really, but could probably have figured that out by myself. What I'd really like is - what virus? what systems does it affect, how do I update the antivirus software on the works system etc.........

Still they did update the page to provide one or two extra details, how to update and the like. I can already hear the marketing defense 'Our warning message was delibarately designed to encourage colleagues to act with initiative, think outside the box and provide a value-added synergistic solution that increases client focus while maintaining employee morale driven workflow procedures'

I haven't been here long, so as such haven't had a huge amount to do, though my work load has been steadily increasing. I've been put on some interesting stuff this week though so have been quite busy, unforunately this particular task runs through to next Wednesday. I am off the beginning of next week, unavoidably but I am actaully still at the stage where I would cancel my holidays if I felt I was needed here (provided it wasn't like a proper going away thing obviously!) so have cancelled Wednesday, but Monday and Tuesday are totally unavoidable. How dedicated am I? cancelling a day off as though it were a totally arbitrary matter! Give that man a pay rise!

Yes, my life really is so full that I am cancelling a day off to come into work.

We get staff managers here, people who kind of guide our careers allegedly. Mine is a nice enough chap, he's new to the role though. When all the other grads met their SMs for the first time they got taken to lunch. I saw him for a bit that day then he had to go off to a client site, I was left with my limp butties! Seen him a few times since but he's pretty busy client side so pretty much been left to my own devices. Until today that is, we are having my first review in a few weeks and I have been instructed to book a meeting in the morning so we can lunch immediately after. I am quite pleased about the situation to be honest, he only gets in touch when he needs to and he's pretty helpful when he does.

Yes I'm cheap and yes I will be ordering the steak/lobster/caviar/foi gras combo meal. Come on, a boys go to eat.

Oooooh. This is my first real work related post. Don't worry i'll keep them to a minimum, or at the very least start pretending I am an international spy/stuntman/paraglider/kungfu master in order to keep up the lightning pace and thrill packed content of my posts that you will, no doubt, have become accustomed too.

My grammar appears to be sufferign today so i'm going to go do some more work related activities......

Thought for the day: If Britain suddenly bumped into mainland Europe and became part of it, would this be enough for us to acknowledge its existence or would we continue to whistle, look away and pretend it isn't there?

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