Monday, August 15, 2005

The Venue

Spent day watching Garth Marenghi's Dark Place and eating Chilli round Mikes house. Had a brief aside when I went to the hairdressers and a visit to the parents where my mum updated me on the life and times of our entire extended family, without any apparrent need for respiration, for about an hour. She occasionally paused to announce some perceived iniquity of my dad before continuing the saga of 'You Remember Your Cousin Chris? The One Who Went Out With That Mary Girl? You Know The One! Her Mum Died In That Freak Blue Rinse Accident In Llanfair.....'

you get the picture.

Incidentally, Garth Marenghi is hilarious, watch it if at all possible, buy it when the DVD comes out and behold the genius acting abilities of Dean Learner.

Later that day........

I admit it, I wasn't really looking forward to The Venue. The only reason I'd agreed to go is because me and my other best mate Pete hadn't had a night out in the last few months. That and the fact I was a little drunk when I agreed to go. I say a little drunk, what I mean is I didn't have to hang on to the floor to stop myself falling off.

So we had a few drinks in the Wine Vaults, me my friends Matt Lewis, Pete and my brother Waffle and his Fiance Cathryn. Was good fun, had a bit of a chat, baited a Wigan fan (also know as Pie Eaters) - all in all everything you need from a night out. Was actually mildly disappointed in The Venue, it's not nearly as skanky as it used to be. The floor is moderately clean, there are seats that are equally unsticky and no one started a fight with me. It was all very disconcerting. All in all I had a great night, caught up with a load of people I hadn't seen in a while, updated a few phone numbers and got some new ones so may even return to the place next month!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the unnamed benefactor who bought me lots of drinks that evening it must have cost (someone) a bloody fortune! lol!

Pretty sure that I slipped into a coma sometime after getting back to Mikes, but I had been drinking so I probably sent some random text messages to some very confused people before doing so. If you were one of the lucky winners of the Matt Drunken Text Lottery for Saturdays Draw get in touch now and you could win a fabulous* prize!

So that's pretty much it for Saturday, not got anything bad to report although my view is probably coloured by the fact that I havent been home and on a night out i so long! So maybe I'll not go next time!

Watch this space for future exciting episodes in the life of Matt! Failing that i'll just make something up.

*From The Mad Monk Al 'Mad As a Brush' McTavish MauMau/English Dictionary: Faboo-louse
1:An Absence of substance
2:Fungal growth common to cheese.

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Pedr said...

This is Pedr seeing if he can remember his password, which is why I've come back in time from the year 2006 to see if it works!

Move along people - nothing to see here!

Got to say whilst I'm here that I still vaugely remember that night out mentioned, and the benefactor you mentioned stopped being so generous after your visit..

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