Monday, August 22, 2005

Revison of the Revision post

I should explain. Because I am relatively inept, I have a resit to take at University so even though I have been gainfully employed since June I don't get my degree until I pass this resit. After I pass the resit, I get a Desmond then can drink the bottle of Irish I bought for me and my dad to drink on my graduation. It's approaching 16 years old, it was 12 when I bought it from the distillery. Don't know if I should let him drink it to be honest, he keeps insisting that Jack Daniels is a whiskey and that it doesn't taste like pipe cleaner when not mixed with something. Now I do drink JD but I have it with a mixer because if I'm drinking whiskey straight, I'd rather it didn't take my face off and leave me looking like I'm the lead entrant in an international gurning competition. Quirky I know, but I like my whiskey to leave my throat lining intact.

I have a quandry as to the source of the curry I intend eating later. My usual supplier let me down in terms of quality the last few times and I'm reluctant to give them the opportunity to further jade my visit, but there isn't a huge amount of choice in the matter. Cast your votes, Last Viceroy or the Raj Pavillion? either way, I'll be visiting those fine folks at the Fetcham Tandoori tomorrow evening as they make stunningly good food.

I have to go, meeting Emi and boy for lunch.

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