Friday, August 26, 2005

My Aunty lives in Scotland, she says it's quite nice...

I really need to learn to add up, I feel it could become an important life skill. Let me explain what I mean here. I am not going to Hull this weekend in order to save some money by not going out. Instead I am going to join a gym. the other thing I was thinking of doing this month was sorting a car out but have postponed that again until next month. So, I figure I'd get the internet sorted at my flat. I've held back on this becuase the flatmate isn't interested in a phone line or getting the internet so I'd have to bear the cost. So i thought 'sod it!' and got the phone connected and ordered broadband from the surly chaps at Demon.

Then I thought as I am going to be using my PC again, I'd better get something to put it on instead of leaving it on the floor. So I ordered a desk. Then a phone. And some extension cable. And and ironing board (essential for internet??!). And we all know that USB ADSL modems suck big fat ass so i also ordered a 4 port ADSL Modem/Router.

You see how my mind works? If only they sold willpower online! damnit! To be fair, it is all stuff I needed or would need in the next month or two but you always feel so guilty when you blow a wedge in one go. So I'll be all up on the fangled interweb in the flat in the next 10 days hopefully but I'll try not to overdo the blog, I appreciate you people don't have quite the lack of outdoor activity in your lives that I am displaying.

Oh, the title is mainly referring to the fact that the poor despondent and probably ginger Socts aren't getting a bank holiday this weekend, poor Heathens! and also an obscure reference that i challenge anyone other than Mike to get. ;)

I know at least a few of my friends are reading my ramblings so leave comments you Idol toerags! Perpetuate my misguided delusion of granduer and make me feel popular! do it or I publish the photos. you know the ones.

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Mike said...

"Well she's wrong."

Just to prevent the publication of the photos, obviously. I didn't have them taken for the "Members Only" section of that website just for you to reproduce them for free here!

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