Thursday, August 25, 2005

Matts Musical Medley

It's approaching the end of the day so have decided to inflict my opinion on you. This is specifically aimed at my occasional American reader! I don't know what kind of exposure some British bands get out there so I am going to helpfully supply you with a list of current cool Brit bands in the hope of spreading their awesomeness even further.

Kaier Chiefs - probably heard of these, they are up for the Mercury award this year, hot favorites. Awesome album.
The Zutons. Great band.
James Blunt

These are all pretty massive bands (or singers as in the last case) so I imagine that you would have at least heard of them by now and I am just being patronising, but its what I do best so what you going to do? Got a whole host of others I have decided everyone should listen to, but realised I am probably preaching to the converted given I know most of the people who read this thing! Think this is the dictionary definition of Killing Time (excellent metallica cover).

If you haven't heard of any or all of the above, then this post does in fact serve a purpose especially as the Chiefs are off touring the US at some point (may already be there).

Anyway, that's enough stating the blindingly obvious for me, i'm off.

PS - Marmite is the food of the future, you can't tell if it's off or not.

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