Thursday, August 25, 2005

Matts Kryptonite?

Here's a quick straw poll for you. Lets say you are determined not to go out at the weekend, but would rather stay in, weaving wicker baskets or breeding ferrets or something equally exciting. Then someone says 'Hey [insert name here]! fancy coming to [insert drinking venue] on Satuurday?'. Do you

a) Ponder the subject, decide to go out for a few to socialise and put off your wicker ferret fixation until Sunday

b) turn down their kind offer, citing financial, wicker and rodent reasons.


c) Say 'sure, sounds great' every single time you are asked before your brain has had time to engage and scream 'whoah there!' while sputtering out the remains of its coffee and hobnobs. Even when this means triple booking a day?

I'm a c) kinda guy. It's becoming a problem. I think I have spent one full weekend in my flat since I moved in in June. Technically, we could rent it out at weekends and save some cash! hmmmm......

OK so it's a bank hoilday weekend and I have a plan. I am no longer going back up to Hull, I am joining the Gym and I am going to become uber buff. Then on Saturday afternoon (with my new 6 pack and rippling biceps) I am going to find something to occupy myself that will keep me away from Guildford or Central London. Or any other ludicrously expensive Venue for that matter!

I just have to make it 48 hours without agreeing to anything...........

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MJ said...

First of all...... I went to Colombia for ten days and you were just starting your blog...I come back and there is soooo much to read....So, today
i dedicated the afternoon to reading it....If i had read it before I could have been the firs "transatlantic" post...oh well, too late!!!
anyways....I have the same problem, i say yes to every single invitation i get....but i handle it differently...i end up not showing up.... The good part of it is that people get used to it and decide not to invite you anywhere anymore....and one day, when you finally decide to come out with them you shock them to semi-death!!!!

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