Friday, August 12, 2005

In The Beginning


Ok, until I learn where to put my profile I will fill in a little bit about me here. See if you can spot the porkies from the truth......

My name is Mat and I'm 28 years old. I am a 6'2" olive skinned Adonis, adored by all who meet me. Women love me, men want to be me.

Spot the deliberate lie? That's right! You spell Matt with two 'T's!

OK, now the first crap joke is out of the way, those of you that don't already know me are well prepared for the kind of rubbish I am going to write and have ample opportunity to go find something worthwhile to read. Those of you that do know me, you really should know better.

Right, so I'm Matt, 28 that much is true. Adonus is one word that could be used to describe me, a wrong word, but a word nonetheless. I'm actually a medium sized IT serf, that's pretty much all the detail I am going to give on my job otherwise your eyes will begin to glaze over and the drool will ruin your shirt.

I'll upload some pictures when I get the hang of things (never said I was a GOOD IT serf!lol!) and have a bit more time. Anyway, that's the first post out of the way. I'll post fairly infrequently and quite probably the posts will bear little in common, but variety is the spice of life and so forth! The randomness does increase the chance of me writing something interesting, so every cloud........

*Assume another dozen or so tired and worn cliches here, saves me typing them and you reading them*

Tune in soon for another thrilling* installment of Matt's Blog!

*Definition of Thrilling taken from the little known translation of the South American MauMau Pigmy word 'Thrii-leeng' , composed by the Mad Monk , Al 'Mad Sadist McMad' McTavish. Thri-leeng: - 1. Gut wrenching projectile expulsion of stomach contents in order to distract ones quarry.
2. A small nut.

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