Friday, August 12, 2005

From the Wilderness to the Wild.....

In a couple of hours I'll be heading back to my native Wales to enjoy a quiet social with some old friends. In a drunken stupour I foolishly agreed to attend our local 'Night Club'. Click the link and you'll see why I use the term loosely! It's not as bad as theese people say but to be fair I haven't been for about 5 years so am in no real position to comment. However, lack of knowledge has never stopped me forming an opinion before so I shan't let it stop me now!

I'm getting ahead of myself, my trip to the Venue isn't until tomorrow night, so much more to look forward to before that particular delight! Nice 4 hour train journey after work to chester before a drive home, arriving at around eleven! Nice. Luckily complex entertainment plans have been formed. Myself and my good friend Mike have combined our towering intellects to come up with an itinerary a Monarch would be jealous of! Granted the monarch in question would need a penchant for curry, Stella and low quality movies made with a budget of 37p and a bit of used string.

Right I am off to do some more work related tasks, coffee doesn't make itself you know!

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