Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Benefits of a University education

Ok, either I read the portal wrong or they've changed the time of my exam. It's not until this afternoon apparently, though I distinctily remember being quite put out by a morning exam! grr! Also my phone died and my charger is in Surrey. All of this is quite a large problem because it may mean me not getting back to Surrey tonight and I cancelled tomorrows day off in order to carry on with the work I started last week.

May have to call them later, though it will sound like the lamest skive in Christendom. Will check the trains and whine more later!

On the plus side I've had a good weekend visiting friends and am now over my inexplicably pissy mood I was in yesterday, they've all buggered off now of course so if I am having another night in Hull it's probably going to be me and the God-awful book I am reading. Don't get me wrong I don't normally read total garbage, but in the absence of anything good I'd read the back of the kitchen cleaning products. Trust me folks, I know Outbreak was a good film but Robin Cooks novels suck donkey balls. All his good guys are sickeningly good, all his bad guys are so unlikeable it's a wonder they weren't drowned at birth! So you find comedy where you can. In my case I couldn't help but laugh at the fact, in the novel I just read, the heroic and dashing hero's didn't actually save the day - they got locked in a cellar while the baddies cocked it all up! lol!

Anyway, off to take advantage of more revision time.

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