Monday, August 15, 2005

Back from the Wild

That's right you lucky people! I'm back and in one piece, although all did not entirely go to plan. Firstly I have to name and shame my friend Mike. Here's what happened:

I got to chester at around 9:45pm, my dad picks me up. I proceed to attempt to contact Mike, to let him know I am on the way and for him to order the curries so I can pick them up. Now I know what you are thinking 'Why not order them yourself?' . Well basically it's embarrassing ordering Phaals, if he wants one he can order it himself!

OK so I dont get an answer so end up having to order the curries myself anyway, and am having an awful premonition. I get back to Ruthin, dad drops me at Mikes house. There are lights on upstairs bu no answer to phone or door, luckily the back door was open. To cut a long story short, he got pissed after work and slipped into a coma afetr getting back in - quite an impressive feat considering it was only about 3 hours in the pub! That's right folks, I travel 5 hours to see the guy, buy the curries and he is so moved by the dedication of his friend he gets shit faced and collapses on his bed! It's nice to be so highly regarded.

The rest of the evening went off OK, once he'd come round we proceded to watch Hawk The Slayer followed by Krull. Now if you watch these films, you may think that Krull is the better of the two because it has fairly famous people in it and has higher production values. If you do think this, you're wrong so change your mind now you bloody simpleton! The reasons for your wrongness are fourfold:
1)The side kicks in Krull are rubbish, with the possible exception of Ergo.
2)It doesn't pay homage to(nick stuff from) other films nearly as blatantly as Hawk does.
3)Nothing happens in Krull, ever.
4)Most importantly, the score for Hawk the Slayer is one of the finest pieces of modern composition ever to to play on the silver screen. The moving syntesiser tune in the death scenes, the thrilling syntesiser tune in the chase scenes, the eerie syntesiser tune in the highly original Mexican Stand off scenes, the fast paced 'travelling somewhere with a purpose' syntesiser tune - the list goes on! You must own this film.

So that was my Friday, 5 hours travel, buying a curry for one of my best mates who was so appreciative he fell unconscious with gratitude, and watching high brow cinematic releases. I'll tell you about Saturday a bit later. I can tell you are waiting with baited breath so I'll try niot to wait oo long ;)

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Mike said...

"Name and shame" eh? How unfair! Not only did I buy all that beer, I also carried out random sample testing to ensure that it wasn't contaminated with something unpleasent. Fortunately for you, it was I that had the misfortune to consume the chemically altered "dodgy can" (usually the last one consumed) which left me so ill that I had to lie down. The terrible powers of the libation of lethargy were so awesome that I couldn't even remember you arriving at my house, which leads me to suspect whether you were actually there at all...hmmm...

I mean, it's not like I fell asleep in the take-away and ate a curry in a field is it? and we both know who did that! So there...oh, wait...

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