Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back down the Salt mines

Back in Surrey now, had a good time in Hull but didn't get to see my old housemates which was a pain. Thast the problem with only taking a few days and having it over a period of someones birthday, it's all to easy to neglect peopel. Having said that, most people are happy to be ignored by me so it's entirely possible they actually like me more as a result! ;-)

One of Hannahs presents has arrived in my office and once again I have an overwhelming urge to keep it for my very own! However, diminuitive as she is, she's a biter. Dangerous when provoked. Or, as I found out over the weekend, when hungry. Dangerous in general actually. The word feral could be applied by someone who didn't appreciate the fact that he needs his skin to keep his insides in. Luckily I am not such a man and would only describe her as calm and lovely and thoroughly deserving of presents, despite pie/manky tendencies.

I think my exam went quite well, though I should probably keep my gob shut until the results are in! Thanks to Dave for giving me some help on the Monday on the Netmask and subnet stuff, brain wasn't working quite properly!

Anyway better go, got stuff to do at work and better do that before I carry on here ;)

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