Wednesday, August 17, 2005

And breathe......

I'm in a less vitriolic mood today, so unless Bleurgh or Dubyahs cadre do anything to piss me off, we should be back to my famously sunny disposition. By Sunny I am obviously referring to the fact that the Sun is a churning, raging burning entity.

Just briefly referring to yesterdays post, a wise man once said to me 'Leave them alone, everyone is entitled to their opinion..................even if they are a fucking idiot' That pretty much sums it up :)

Off back to Hull at the weekend for my friend Emi's birthday, just had her presents arrive here and am giving serious though to keeping them. It is afterall the thought that counts, and i have thought about and even purchased the presents so technically I'm ahead of the game. On the other hand I've gotten used to my internal organs being in the positions they are in. The very phrase 'Internal organs' implies that they are meant to be kept on the inside, and the chances of that remaining the case would be severely detrimented if I were to lift her gifts. Ok so she gets her presents, purely for health reasons.

Got another mate in Hull called Astrid, it's quite disconcerting. I keep hailing her on MSN and have sent her an email or two but she appears to only be able to communicate via chain e-mail. You know the type, "Send this to everyone in your address book in ten minutes or your legs will fall off!" or "If you don't send this to all your friends, you're a sad lonely loser!". To be fair to her, they all very nice emails telling me how great I am so that's OK.

The ones I really hate are the "If you send this to everyone in your address book it will eventually circle the world and world poverty will be cured! Also Tiny Tim will walk again and the blind will see! If you Don't send it, you are the bringer of the apocalypse, a heartless souless creature born of darkness, doomed to have your bits fall off!" type. I mean really, what kind of vaccuous retard sits down and thinks that shit up? How worthless an existence would you need to be leading in order to try to validate yourself in that way? I can envision them now, you all know the type. They are the kind of people who, when they speak, you can actually hear the oxygen being wasted.

I also had a 'Virus Warning' one off another mate in Hull. It was filled with gaping technical holes (look, I'm a fucking geek ok?) and was clearly a hoax. I sent him a mail breaking down the thing so he could spot future hoaxes and tell whoever sent it to him to get stuffed. I have a feeling I may have offended him though because I havent heard from him since. I can be a little caustic on occasion I guess......... (this is where you all go, 'No Matt! you're just misunderstood!')

This brings me neatly on to CoolWebSearch, a most insidious bit of Trojan Horse software . Almost impossible to get rid of and implicated in several identity fraud cases. If you have this, it may be possible to get rid but it's very difficult. Personally I think spammers of this variety, ie those that make money from it, need to be dealt with harshly. Because it's an international thing, it's difficult to legislate against, but for those less keyed up on spyware etc. let me give you a brief overview of what happens. You go to some website, say a shopping site you haven't heard of but decide to give a bash. Something like CWS is resident there and installs itself on your PC, then goes about it's business sending your browsing habits and, in the case of CWS, records key strokes, potentially revealing passwords etc.

Now to me, that's a clear case of invasion of privacy and property damage. It's your PC and you haven't given them permission to put their shit on it! So, Matts solution? Easy - first give em a good kicking, shouldn't take long they'll be pasty little parasites with no friends so no one will care. Then lock them in a room and make them read every piece of spam that internet trackers can find. If they fail to read one, give em a little shock. Then have them order every piece of crap advertised by that spam til they run out of cash.

OK, maybe a little extreme but they shouldn't annoy me should they?

Possibly I was wrong about todays vitriol content..........


lower said...

I see, so seeing me is purely incidental to your visit to Hull then, not even worth the mention? Oh well, I guess I'll let you buy me a drink anyway... ;)

Good luck on your campaign against spyware and the education of the masses regarding their evilness - you couldn't have picked something a little more gargantuan? Seriously, to all your not-tech-savvy readers out there, do a Web search on "phishing" and "malware" and find out what nastiness lurks.

Also, a tip from me: whenever you receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your account details, hover over the link that is provided in the e-mail and check the status bar of your e-mail window: chances are that it won't say the same thing as the text for the link in the e-mail. This is because the e-mail text is copied from a genuine e-mail or the company/bank website, but it's been modified to point to the phisher's website instead. In general, banks will contact you by post, not e-mail, regarding your account.

Be suscpicous of everything you see on the Internet (the Web and e-mail), including Matt. :P

MattJ said...
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MattJ said...

It's true. When the Police say 'Did you see anything or anyone suspicious?' they are almost always referring to me. :-D

/* -----------GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE-------------- */ /*------------------END TRACKING CODE-------------------- */